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The Pilgrim to Freedom Step into your Power, Wisdom & Sovereignity

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Helping Revolutionary Women Leaders reclaim their Sovereignity by healing Perfectionism & Burnout through deep Trauma work & Spiritual Psychology so they can Awaken their power & share their gifts to the world



You've come to the right place

& I am so glad that you are here!

Holly Wheeler founded SoulComplete, a Spiritual & Wellness Company focusing on personal growth through a cosmic blend of Spirituality, Psychology, Trauma Therapy, Science, and Wellness practices. Holly is on a mission to help women address isolation, perfectionism, and self-betrayal through tailored services and events promoting spiritual awakening and community connection. 

I am a qualified Trauma Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Coach, Spiritual Teacher & Author , I specialise in helping women suffering from Perfectionism from past traumas, towards Creativity, peace, authenticity, connection and step into their true selves


A driven woman, juggling sports, motherhood, and big dreams. Zoom to a time of self-doubt and perfectionism post a move far from home, triggering a battle with isolation and hidden traumas. She then began  a healing journey, day by day, unraveling past wounds through a mix of spirituality, Psychology, quantum physics, and communing with nature atop mountains.

For everyone. There is always potential for progress. A chance to heal the unseen wounds that make you feel trapped in an invisible cage, and discover deeper connection, joy, and happiness . Together we will find your way to heal.

Your journey from Perfectionism to Illumination starts here.


Mentorship 1:1

Work with Holly Privately with Spiritual Psychology


Phoenix Rising

Women's Trauma Recovery Program


Deeper Studies, Ancient wisdom Philosophy, new thought Wisdom, community, Self Leadership

Fragile Pampas


This 12 week Holistic program is Designed to help you Heal, Alchemise & Deeply Nurture yourself  back to life from Perfectionism, Co-Dependency, Imposter syndrome, Anxiety Disorders & Burnout in your life to Reclaiming your power, your unique voice in the world, intuition Self-love, Creativity, Abundance and a renewed sense of purpose using a holistic approach of healing the Body mind & spirit. Side effects of Trauma Responses we work on are - Feeling stuck, Burnout, Apathy, Fear, Procrastination, ambivalence, lack of self trust (aka intuition) people pleasing, false identity, financial worries,PMDD loneliness, analysis paralysis, Anxiety, feelings of being found out for being a fraud, guilt and shame & self worth.

You’re the only person who can create the life you want.  This program is the vehicle to take you to where you want to go, and it’s fast. This Program also guides you to also cultivate an empowered relationship with the dark   —understanding it not as something negative, but as the fertile grounds from which true power, compassion, Purpose and wisdom arise.

Finally Turn Your Pain Into Your Purpose. Now Is Your Time To Rise From The Ashes. Be Part Of The Evolution Revolution.

The Women's Trauma Recovery Program 

Fragile Pampas
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Work With Me 1:1

Your journey is your journey, so everything we work through will be tailored to exactly what you need, but every bespoke 1-1 experience includes:

  • Exclusive 1-1 sessions with me directly

  • Direct WhatsApp access

  • Zoom/In person sessions

  • Sessions can be tailored to your needs

It's time to do things differently.
It's time to realise that your past doesn't have to be your life sentence.
No matter who you are there is hope for a better future, for you, and for everyone.
And together we'll make that your reality.



Women's Leadership Inner Circle Membership

Are you seeking deeper truths? Are you curious about metaphysical  knowledge?

Would you like to have spiritual experiences that you can integrate into your everyday life?

If so, then check out Hollys SoulWoman inner Circle as she is a spiritual teacher and offers knowledge from many philosophies including New Thought, Ancient Wisdom that are tangible and pertinent to today's ever changing global landscape.

Master your mind & Join us for weekly Spiritual Teachings, meditations,Kundalini Yoga, Intuitive work, Book studies & Breathwork. 


Kundalini Yoga

Join us for powerful kundalini yoga for healing perfectionism. Kundalini means energy, and Kundalini yoga is a powerful and useful practice. It works quickly to reduce stress, improve mental clarity, tap into your intuition and elevate moods. Kundalini yoga uses postures, breath work, mantra and meditation to activate your body-mind system. Kundalini yoga is active, participatory and experiential. Kundalini Yoga and meditation strengthens the nervous system, stimulates the glandular system, affects hormonal balance, brain function, digestion, muscular strength. Experience relaxation, stimulation and breakthrough moments with this practice — not to mention, it’s fun! 



Heal Ancestral Trauma with Womb & hormonal matrix

  • Your  cervix is a portal to the quantum field heal your womb and Gain greater clarity and creativity while tapping into a higher level of spiritual and mental wellbeing. 

  • From impacting energy levels, psycho-emotional health and sexual vitality

  • Understand of the entire hormonal cycle of the woman: menstruation to menopause and tracking your moon cycles

  • Herbal remedies and wise-woman teachings for healing the endocrine system

  • Kundalini Pelvic Exercises

  • Healing your nervous system and rejuvenating your soul.

  • Menstrual diets and menopausal nutritional recommendations

  • Repair mitochondrial damage, eliminating toxins from your cells and repairing your DNA, all while addressing ancestral trauma in your matriarchal lineage.

  • Activate the wisdom of the Womb and give you access to a creative, cosmic gateway consciousness.

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Catch Up On The


Episode 1.0- How Universal Law canhelp heal Perfectionism and align you to your true self

Episode 2.0- The Creative Process & How Perfectionism Trauma is formed

Episode 3.0- The power is your word


Great Service ! Would Definitely Recommend This To Other.  

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Join us on a Pilgrimage


Join us for an off-the-beaten path adventure around the Scottish Highlands. This are pilgrimage Retreat is a  Mountain Quest appointment with Destiny & confidence in the mountains. Explore mystic landscapes and journey to ancient lands.

Helping Revolutionaries Reclaim their Sovreignity by healing  Perfectionism & Trauma at a deep soul level.


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